Everything you need to know about Aphrodisiacs

It’s no shame having a little problem in the bedroom; it’s understandable owing to the pressures and stress of the world. Over the years both men and women have used aphrodisiac to increase their desire, sexual desire and response to spice up their sex lives.

In this post, we are going to delve deeper into the controversial subject of aphrodisiacs with the aim of providing clarity and informing our readers. Don’t move a muscle.

What is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs are commonly known as a love potion, it’s a substance which boosts an individual’s libido and performance and is not fertility enhancing substances. Many claim aphrodisiacs are extracted from animal organs, plant extracts, and ground insects.

However, despite cultural beliefs, there is little scientific evidence to show they achieve the desired results.

How do aphrodisiacs work?

Well according to experts, aphrodisiacs work in two ways: those that create sexual desire through our minds and those which create sexual desire through influencing our body parts.

Ancient love drugs were based on superstition and myths, it was widely believed that aphrodisiacs increased blood flow to sexual organs and causing our bodies to stimulate the creation of chemicals that increases sexual desire.

Aphrodisiacs, especially those in spice form have been known to have a unique relaxing effect that has a direct link to improving your sex life.

Are Aphrodisiacs dangerous?

There are illegally manufactured drugs sold as love portions that have not been properly tested and approved by the FDA. This drugs will have an adverse effect on your body.

Legal aphrodisiacs will not harm you. An effective solution is to buy foods which contain naturally occurring aphrodisiacs that are both safer and healthier.


Spicy food has long been associated with sexual stimulation. Heavily spiced foods contain capsaicin an active ingredient of cayenne pepper which causes physiological responses such as increased metabolism which have been known to increase sexual desires

Foods contain essential minerals and vitamins that increase sexual strength and improving your overall health. Such foods: Oysters, honey, Coriander, hot peppers, watermelon, Asparagus, and artichokes to mention a few.


Herbs have been known to have an aphrodisiac effect such as ginseng and Yohimbe have been known to stimulate nerves improving erection in men and sexual excitement in women.

Today they are known as herbal Viagra known to have adverse side effects after taking these herbs.

Spanish Fly

It’s the most popular and dangerous form of aphrodisiac, it is extracted from dried beetle dung. After taking the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac stems it’s reported that it increases blood to the genital areas boosting libido. However, they are known to cause fatal side effects such as urinary infections

Modern forms of aphrodisiacs

Spanish Fly products contain a natural herbal formula that is safe and FDA compliant. Spanish Fly products have undergone rigorous testing and experimentation and contain 100% natural active ingredients making them safer and effective.

Spanish Fly products can be used by both men and women. Spanish Fly products are a potent form of aphrodisiac that will revolutionize your sex life making it enjoyable with minimal or no side effects.

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