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Even in the Shower, the Temptation to Text Is Too Great

Have you ever been surprised to see your teen texting during an inappropriate time, such as at a religious procession or while driving? Turns out, they’re not trying to be rude or put themselves in danger. According to a new study, they just can’t help it.

Researchers at Penn State University asked 152 college aged students to fill out a 70-question survey on their texting habits and attitudes toward texting in various situations.


Teens Can Use Technology To Change The World — Here’s How!

“If you had the power of knowing how to code — how would you make the world better?”

This is a powerful question to pose to the teens in your life. A thoughtful, innovative answer could win them a $2,000 scholarship through DoSomething.org’s Code for Good Fellows campaign! Winners will learn how to code and build full-scale web applications to make the world a better place at Flatiron Pre-College Academy.


Are Teens Spending Too Much Time Staring At Screens?

It’s not an uncommon sight—as you walk down the street, you notice most people’s eyes are glued to their phones. Not just teens, but adults are guilty of this too. But how much screen time is too much? Well, if we’re going by expert recommendations, teens are getting way too much screen time! But not so fast—it turns out the official guidelines may be a bit outdated. Experts suggest it’s time to rethink the recommended amounts of screen time for adolescents.


Teaching Cell Phone Etiquette in School

Two weeks ago in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio overturned a 9-year-old ban on cell phones in schools. For the most part, everyone was happy with the decision—especially students and parents—but there were some teachers who voiced concerns over how it might impact student learning.

Frankly, the headlines caught me by surprise. Not because the ban was being lifted, but because it had survived this long at all. How could an institution designed to train kids for the future prevent them from working with one of the tools they will most definitely, without a doubt, need?


More Screen Time Leads to Less Sleep

We frequently post about the importance of sleep, but there’s a good reason why: It’s an essential part of a teen’s health and well-being. Lack of sleep not only increases the risk of obesity, but it also leads to poorer performance in school. According to a new study, “small screens”—or devices like iPods, smartphones, and tablets—are negatively impacting teens’ sleep schedules. If kids sleep with a smartphone in their room or bed, they received 21 minutes less sleep than those who didn’t.


The Power of Social Media to Teach Kids Advocacy

The Internet is an amazing thing. When we look at the impact it has on the social and emotional health of our kids, it’s easy to go negative—especially with some of the headlines out there—but if we take time to focus on the good, then they’re more likely to come to us when they need help with the bad.

One of the ways we can do that is by sharing stories with them about kids who are using the Internet to bring about big social change.


Developing a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Last week we had parent-teacher conferences, and as has been the case for the last few years — rather than grades — the majority of parents wanted to talk to me about one thing. Screen time. As in, how much of it is healthy, how do I help my child manage it, and what the heck am I supposed to do?

The average teenager spends 7 1/2 hours a day in front of a screen, and while recommendations have been made on specific limits for younger kids, with teenagers, it’s not so cut and dry.


DoSomething.org’s New Campaign Spotlights Girls & STEM

Studies show that as they get older, girls are losing interest in science and math. According to statistics, 66% of girls are interested in these subjects in fourth grade, but by eighth grade, they are only half as interested as boys. That’s why our friends at DoSomething.org are teaming up with 3M to shine a spotlight on girls and STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math).

Starting today, they are launching their Science Sleuth campaign, which not only helps young people learn about careers in the STEM field, but also supports STEM programs in your area.


This Video About Technology Is A Must-See!

In our September issue, Choices magazine raised this question: Are smartphones making us stupid? Two teens debated the topic — one said we rely too much on our phones, while the other pointed out the value of being only a click away from a wealth of information. Regardless of which side you’re on, this video may make you rethink the amount of time you spend behind a screen. “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?” is a spoken word video by Prince EA (real name Richard Williams) from St. Louis, Missouri.


Is Multitasking Bad For Teens? Surprisingly, No

Distracted, scatter-brained, sidetracked. These are adjectives that may come to mind if you see a teen using multiple electronic devices at once — whether they’re texting while watching TV or tweeting from their phone while typing on their computer. Two teens decided to challenge this notion and did a study on the effects of teens and mutitasking. They found that it actually can be a good thing.