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Powerful Images Could Prevent Teens From Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking isn’t a healthy habit, but sometimes teens decide to take the risk. So, what will help to keep them from lighting that cigarette? A new study found that the answer may lie in cigarette packaging.

Researchers surveyed two groups of people — half were smokers and the other half did not smoke. Each participant was shown various health warning labels on cigarettes packaging that state negative consequences associated with smoking. These consequences included lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, and eye conditions. Some packages had a combination of text and image warnings, while others only had text warnings.


This Popular Trick To Keep Teens from Drinking May Backfire

Have you ever let your kid try a sip of your wine or beer? It’s seemingly harmless, right? A new study shows that kids who sample their parent’s alcohol may be more likely to binge drink when they’re older.

Researchers surveyed 561 students periodically over three years. Students who sipped their parent’s alcoholic drinks by sixth grade were five times more likely to drink a full alcoholic beverage by the time they were in their first semester of high school than their peers. They were four times more likely to get drunk or binge drink.


Do School Drug Policies Increase Teens’ Marijuana Use?

Have you ever wondered if out-of-school suspension actually prevents students from continuing misbehavior? Kids essentially get a day off for violating policies such as illicit drug use on school grounds. It turns out this type of punishment is not the best way to get students to learn their lesson—at least when it comes to drug use. A new study reveals that out-of-school suspension drug policies actually increase the likelihood of students using marijuana in the future.

Researchers from the American Public Health Association set out to investigate how student marijuana use is impacted by the type of drug policy their school implements.


Warning: This New Form of Alcohol Will Be Attractive to Teens

Did you know that alcohol comes in a powdered form called Palcohol? If you didn’t, that’s probably because it was unavailable for purchase in the United States. Last week, however, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved this substance for sale.

This powered alcohol can be mixed easily by just adding it to water. The same laws apply to this powdered form as liquid alcohol, so it will be illegal for anyone under 21-years-old to purchase it.


Trouble Sleeping May Lead to Drug & Alcohol Trouble Later On

From lower grades to greater risk of obesity, not getting enough sleep is detrimental to a teen’s health in a variety of ways. In case you need another reason to convince your teens to rest up, look no further than this study! According to new research, adolescents with sleep difficulties may have substance abuse problems later on — specifically engaging in risky behaviors like binge drinking or driving under the influence. “Sleep difficulties” can either mean trouble falling asleep or getting an insufficient amount.


Cigarette and Alcohol Use Among Teens Hits an All-Time Low

Every year, the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future survey looks at substance use among middle and high schoolers across America. This year, while illicit drug use continues to show a national decline, cigarette and alcohol use are at their lowest points since the study began in 1975.

This annual study polls between 40,000 and 50,000 students in 8th, 10th, and 12th grade from over 400 schools across the country. The results are then compiled and used to track substance abuse trends in teens.


Popular Teens May Face More Problems As Adults, Study Finds

High school may seem like a popularity contest, but there are perks to not coming in first place. According to a recent study by researchers at the University of Virginia, teens who strive to be categorized as the “cool” kids may experience a range of problems in early adulthood. The study was conducted over the span of 10 years — from when the teens were 13 until age 23. Those who were classified as “cool” were 40 percent more likely to use drugs and alcohol at age 21-23 than their […]


Teen Brains at Risk as Marijuana Use Rises

According to a new federal report, more American high school students are smoking marijuana than in past years. Health officials are concerned, and say that using marijuana during the teen years is especially dangerous because still-developing adolescent brains are more vulnerable to changes brought on by smoking. The rise in high school marijuana-smokers is concerning for a few reasons. First, the marijuana in high schools now isn’t the same pot of yesteryear. Marijuana today has three times the amount of THC (pot’s psychoactive ingredient) compared to the early 1990s. Nora […]

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The Very Real Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

On the night of December 7, 2012, Emily Bauer, a straight A and B sophomore at Cy-Fair High school in Cypress, Texas, complained of another migraine. (The painful headaches had been plaguing her for a couple of weeks, her family told CNN.com.) So she lay down to take a nap at her house, hoping to sleep off the pain. Little did Emily know at the time, she wouldn’t wake up refreshed. She would wake up a completely different person. That night—and every day prior for the past two weeks—Emily had […]


Do You Know Molly?

Following the tragic deaths of two young adults at this past weekend’s Electric Zoo music festival, “Molly” has been all over the news this week. Despite the drug steadily gaining popularity with teens and young adults over the past few years, many adults are now hearing the term for the first time. If you find yourself among the unfamiliar, here are the basics: What is Molly? Molly is most often used to refer to a powdered version of MDMA. You may remember hearing about MDMA under it’s former name, Ecstasy […]