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Powerful Images Could Prevent Teens From Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking isn’t a healthy habit, but sometimes teens decide to take the risk. So, what will help to keep them from lighting that cigarette? A new study found that the answer may lie in cigarette packaging.

Researchers surveyed two groups of people — half were smokers and the other half did not smoke. Each participant was shown various health warning labels on cigarettes packaging that state negative consequences associated with smoking. These consequences included lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, and eye conditions. Some packages had a combination of text and image warnings, while others only had text warnings.


Laws Aren’t Preventing Teens From Buying E-Cigarettes Online

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are gaining extreme popularity among teens. If your teenager is under the legal age to buy e-cigarettes in your state, you may think that it’d be difficult for him or her to purchase these products—but that’s not necessarily true. A surprising new study shows that teens can actually easily buy e-cigarettes very quickly at one place: online.


Think Hookah Is Safer than Cigarettes? Think Again!

There are tons of misconceptions surrounding smoking, but ideas about hookah may top the list. A common myth surrounding the water pipe used to smoke tobacco is that it’s safer than smoking cigarettes. The thought process behind this myth is that the hookah’s water-filled pipe filters out toxic chemicals that are present when smoking cigarettes. A new study shows that just isn’t true.


Another Reason To Talk To Teens About E-Cigs: The Vapors Are Causing Lung Damage

Chances are you’ve heard about e-cigarettes. These battery-power devices have become so popular that the word “vape” was the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2014. They’re also incredibly popular among teens—which is pretty worrisome. In the past three years, the amount of middle and high school students using e-cigarettes has tripled.

While these devices aren’t regulated by the FDA yet, more and more evidence is surfacing about the potential dangers of e-cigs.


Even the Occasional Cigarette Affects a Teen’s Health

When it comes to teens and cigarettes, there’s good news and bad news. The upside: The amount of teens smoking cigarettes has hit an all-time low. But the downside? Some teens who smoke cigarettes occasionally don’t realize the damage it does to their bodies. According to a new study, teens mistakenly believe that occasional cigarettes are harmless. But Medical Daily reports that the opposite is true—and there’s proof to back it up!


The Marijuana Infographic Every Teen Needs to See

Though the laws surrounding marijuana are changing, more facts about the effects this drug has on the adolescent brain are still surfacing. Make no mistake, marijuana is still a mind-altering substance, and more and more studies are revealing the dangers of using it during adolescence.

“Studies show that marijuana interferes with attention, motivation, memory, and learning. Students who use marijuana regularly tend to get lower grades and are more likely to drop out of high school than those who don’t use,” explains The National Institute on Drug Abuse.


E-Cigarettes May Promote & Lead To Other Drug Use, Study Finds

Despite the claims that they help curb tobacco smoking, e-cigarettes may actually be a gateway drug. According to new research, smoking e-cigarettes has the same physiological effect on the brain as regular cigarettes and can increase the risk of addiction to other drugs.

This study comes from the Department of Psychiatry and Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University Medical Center.


Study Finds Obese or Overweight Teens More Likely to Smoke Cigarettes

In a study recently published in the American Journal of Health Behavior, researchers sought to answer the question of whether BMI had any correlation with teenage substance abuse. The results found that though teens with a high BMI were no more likely than their peers to abuse alcohol or marijuana, being overweight or obese during adolescence was correlated with regular cigarette smoking in young adulthood. Data for this study was pulled from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, a large study which has followed thousands of young teens (grades […]


Why July Is The Riskiest Month For Teens

Without having to worry about schoolwork, summer is considered a time to relax! But maybe teens are being a little too carefree this month, at least when it comes to risky behavior. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), July is when more young people start using drugs or alcohol compared to any other month. The stats are definitely surprising!

On average, in the month of July, someone under 18 starts drinking alcohol every 8 seconds, or smoking cigarettes every 17 seconds.


More Teens Are Smoking Hookah — And Mistakenly Believe It’s Safer

Hookahs have been around for a long time — just look at the caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland. But even though these waterpipes are featured in children’s cartoons, that doesn’t mean they’re safe. In fact, many teens underestimate the health repercussions of smoking hookah, according to USA Today.

A study found that more teens are smoking hookah than before. Nearly 1 in 5 high school seniors admit to smoking out of a hookah in the past year.