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Peer Pressure Influences Teens’ Decision-Making, But Here Are Ways To Avoid It

Most of us are familiar with the concept of “peer pressure” — where teens can be persuaded by their friends to participate in risky activities that they otherwise might avoid. Now a new study from University College London supports this idea that adolescents’ judgment is affected mostly by what their peers think, compared to what adults think.

For the study, participants ranked the riskiness of a variety of situations — from crossing at a red light to walking through a dark alley. Afterwards, they were told how either adults or teens ranked the same situations. Then they re-assessed their own ranking of how dangerous these activities were.


Don’t Call Teens ‘Crazy’ — An Explanation For Adolescent Anxiety

When the New York Times published an opinions piece called “Why Teenagers Act Crazy,” we were automatically intrigued. The story focuses on the teenage brain and how its development causes risk-taking and emotional behavior. Although the topic of the story is on-point, we don’t exactly love the title. It seems a bit insulting to categorize teens as “crazy” and sometimes words can have more impact than intended. (Check out this past TeenBeing post about the power of word choice to see what we mean.)

Looking past its title, the article hits on several important points about teens.