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Beware of Buzzwords! ‘Gluten-Free’ Isn’t Always Healthy

“Organic,” “gluten-free,” and “whole grain.” These phrases can provide an inaccurate impression of how healthy foods actually are, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Houston found that healthy buzzwords tends to trick customers into thinking foods are healthier. For the study, they examined how consumers link words on food labels with healthiness. Despite the actual nutrition facts listed on the product, buzzwords had a bigger pull.


Meet the Teens Fighting for a More Nutritious Kitchen

The categories for judging range from mis en place to visual presentation to taste. The contestants show off their knife work, expertly chopping a giant cabbage head into mountains of tiny leaves. They arrange basil into a blooming flower atop a plate of steaming risotto, and dollops of a sweet tamarind sauce surround hand-made spicy dumplings. But this isn’t a show on the Food Network or a culinary school presentation– this is Kurt Hahn High School in Brooklyn, New York. And these are Teen Battle Chefs. The Choices/TeenBeing team is […]


Video: How to Read a Nutrition Label

The Choices October issue is here! One of our favorite articles from this issue is about the ten worst foods for teen nutrition. As parents and educators, we know it’s important to be familiar with the healthiest foods as well as the most notorious nutrition no-no’s, but how can we train teens to navigate the in-betweens? By reading food labels, of course! The problem is, nutrition labels include a lot of fine print and terms that many teens (and adults!) may not be familiar with. But never fear—Choices and TeenBeing […]