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This Healthy Eating Trick Isn’t Always Best For Teens

Drink a cold glass of water before each meal. Eat a big, nutritious breakfast. Keep a food journal. Use smaller plates. We’ve all heard the tips and tricks to help you change your eating habits, but do they really work? A new study shows that at least one doesn’t, particularly for overweight teens.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut tested how attentive teen girls were to portion sizes and quizzed them about their perception of the amount of food on different sized plates. There were 162 girls ages 14 to 18 involved in the study. The researchers found that overweight teenage girls were less attentive, on average, to these visual cues of different types than their peers.


Teens Can Boost Their Grades with Breakfast

It can tough to find enough time on weekdays for a nutritious breakfast. Between staying up late studying for exams and chatting online with friends, some teens can hardly wake up on time for class. Sitting down to a healthy breakfast is just one more thing to do in the morning and it can be easy to brush off. A new study shows why your teens shouldn’t skip it—especially if they want a better shot at doing well on that exam.

Researchers at the University of Iowa found that students who ate free school nutritious breakfasts performed better academically. They also found that students who attend schools that participate in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s School Breakfast Program have higher achievement scores in math, science, and reading than those in schools who don’t participate, according to a recent press release from the university. The impact was actually cumulative. The longer the school participated in the program, the higher their achievement scores were.


Can Fast Food Affect Students’ Test Scores?

Before you head to McDonalds for dinner again this week, listen to this! A new study from Ohio State University suggests that the amount of fast food kids eat can be linked to their school performance.

If kids reported eating at fast food restaurants frequently in fifth grade, their test scores in reading, math, and science were lower when they reached eighth grade. Their scores were approximately 20 percent lower than classmates who didn’t eat fast food fries or burgers on a regular basis, according to an article on Science Daily.


WATCH: This Video Will Change How You See Health

Getting healthy isn’t about running marathons, lifting monster trucks, or eating nothing but kale—it’s about making small changes that lead you to a better lifestyle. Tricks as simple as carrying a water bottle and walking more often can transform how you feel about your health—and changing your perspective of exercise can completely change the way you work out.

These small steps are some of the ways that 15-year-old Eric worked toward changing his own health for the better.


Eating Dinner as a Family May Help Fight Obesity

Obesity is a major problem among American youth today. Childhood obesity has quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. While the statistics are scary-high, there are ways to fight obesity and help prevent it. A new study shows that eating dinner as a family lessens the likelihood of teens being overweight.


Does Junk Food Change The Way The Body Craves Healthier, More Balanced Meals?

Oftentimes scientist conduct experiments on rats, as a way to test theories regarding the human body. In a new study, researchers decided to investigate what happens when consuming a diet consisting of junk food. The findings suggest that it leads to obesity (unsurprising), but also reduces the appetite for healthier, more balanced foods. While this was a study of animals, the same results may very well be true for humans.


Ramen Noodles May Be A Convenient Meal, But At What Cost?

Sure, sticking a package of Ramen noodles in the microwave is an easy solution for dinner. But a new study may make you think twice before consuming those cup-of-noodles so frequently. According to recent research, eating instant noodles two or more times a week is bad for your health.

The study found frequent noodle consumption is associated with cardiometabolic syndrome, which can increase the likelihood of developing heart disease or diabetes. It also increases the chances of having a stroke.


What Happens When You Remove Soda From School Vending Machines?

In the past, we’ve talked about how schools across the country will be banning junk food this year. But what actually happens when you remove snacks and soda from a school setting? A recent study from the University of Illinois at Chicago found that taking soda away from school vending machines can actually have an adverse effect. Even though it’s an action intended to make students healthier, it is not enough of an impactful change, the research found.


Do You Know How Much Sugar You’re Sipping?

Although you may be aware of the nutritional value of the foods that you’re eating, do you think as much about what’s in your drinks? This must-see photo series by CNN takes a look at the bittersweet reality of beverages and how much sugar they actually contain. It’s definitely an eye-opener, especially in light of the World Health Organization’s new guidelines! WHO’s recommendation is that only 5 percent of total daily calories should be from added sugar.