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Instilling a Life-Long Love of Fitness

When you ask most adults to recall their experience in middle school PE, you get a wide array of responses, but very few of them are pleasant. Climbing the rope, awkward attempts at pull-ups with underdeveloped arms, being last to get picked for teams — the list goes on.

This isn’t the fault of the well-meaning PE teachers we worked with. Most of them were coaches and athletes themselves, and grew up believing that anyone could be an athlete if they just tried hard enough.


WATCH: This Video Will Change How You See Health

Getting healthy isn’t about running marathons, lifting monster trucks, or eating nothing but kale—it’s about making small changes that lead you to a better lifestyle. Tricks as simple as carrying a water bottle and walking more often can transform how you feel about your health—and changing your perspective of exercise can completely change the way you work out.

These small steps are some of the ways that 15-year-old Eric worked toward changing his own health for the better.


Mo’ne Davis Throws Like A Girl — And That’s Amazing!

Talk about a huge accomplishment: Mo’Ne Davis threw a shutout on Friday helping her team advance in the Little League World Series and making her the only female in the series’ 67-year history to do so. The 13-year-old is one of the only females in the league, which makes this even more awesome. She’s defying gender stereotypes and shows that girls are just as capable as boys when it comes to athletics.


Time to Put Down the Remote? 3 in 4 Teens Watch Too Much TV!

With shows like Pretty Little Liars and Game of Thrones dominating TV screens, it’s no wonder teens are spending tons of time on the couch. But just how much television are they watching? According to new research from the National Center for Health Statistics, only 27 percent of teens ages 12-15 are under the government recommended limit of two hours or less of TV time. That means nearly three out of four teens watch way too much television.

USA Today reports that 99 percent of adolescents said they watch TV daily. Among those teens, 7 percent watch five or more hours a day, and 5 percent spend five hours or more on the computer.


Why High School Sports Are A Victory For Mental Health

Thanks to the World Cup, soccer is everywhere right now. Watching all of those games may even inspire your teens to try out for the school team — and you should encourage them to do so! Playing high school sports helps teens stay in shape, and now a new study suggests there are major mental health benefits, too. Whether baseball, basketball, or lacrosse, athletic teens (grades 8 through 12) have less stress and better mental health as young adults than those who don’t play sports, according to recent research.


Read This Before You Binge-Watch!

Netflix is a great invention. But before you schedule your next family movie night, this new study may make you think twice about how much television you and your teens watch.

Researchers found that adults who watch TV three hours or more per day double their risk of premature death from any cause. This study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, highlights the dangers of so much sedentary behavior. Although this study was focused on adults, with an average age of 37, we imagine the TV-watching behavior of teens can have an equally negative effect.


Friday Faves: A Psychologist Decodes Teen Romance, a New FDA Anti-Smoking Campaign, and More!

TGIF! The weekend is finally here and the Choices magazine/TeenBeing team has rounded up our picks for the best of this week’s web. 1. The New York Times wrote an article about parents who felt their children were being bullied by coaches. How would you respond? Share in the comments below. 2. A recent government survey has found that 3 out of 4 adolescents aren’t getting the physical activity they need to stay healthy. Find out more here and share this article from November’s Choices for a quick and simple way […]