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Powerful Images Could Prevent Teens From Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking isn’t a healthy habit, but sometimes teens decide to take the risk. So, what will help to keep them from lighting that cigarette? A new study found that the answer may lie in cigarette packaging.

Researchers surveyed two groups of people — half were smokers and the other half did not smoke. Each participant was shown various health warning labels on cigarettes packaging that state negative consequences associated with smoking. These consequences included lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, and eye conditions. Some packages had a combination of text and image warnings, while others only had text warnings.


How Many Teens Are Texting & Driving? The Numbers Are Alarming

Texting and driving is always at the forefront of PSAs, but how often does it actually happen? A survey of Toronto students proves we do have something to worry about when it comes to teens and their phones.

According to the results, for 10-12th graders in Toronto, more than 1 in 3 licensed drivers admit to texting and driving at least once in the past year. For high school seniors, the number is even higher — 46 percent! That means nearly half of teen drivers are looking at their phone instead of the road, which is way too many.