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Believe It Or Not, Video Games Can Boost Teens’ Brains

Before you tell your teen to put down their video games, read this first! Despite the belief that video games may make teens more violent or causes them to lose empathy, a new study suggests gaming has brain benefits. Research from Brown University found that video games not only sharpen the visual learning process, but may also improve the brain’s ability to process visual tasks.


Don’t Call Teens ‘Crazy’ — An Explanation For Adolescent Anxiety

When the New York Times published an opinions piece called “Why Teenagers Act Crazy,” we were automatically intrigued. The story focuses on the teenage brain and how its development causes risk-taking and emotional behavior. Although the topic of the story is on-point, we don’t exactly love the title. It seems a bit insulting to categorize teens as “crazy” and sometimes words can have more impact than intended. (Check out this past TeenBeing post about the power of word choice to see what we mean.)

Looking past its title, the article hits on several important points about teens.