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This Teen is Paying it Forward & Creating a Scholarship for Grieving Students

After losing his father to a heart attack at age 10, Bobby Palmieri decided to pay it forward. He sold 1,000 red silicone bracelets with the phrase “Have A Heart” on them, raising $2,000 for the American Heart Association. He wanted to help prevent other families from having to go through the same thing.

Even years later, his life is still affected by the loss of his dad. That’s why he decided to revisit the Have A Heart concept. Now 19, Bobby is a student at Quinnipiac University and creating his own scholarship program with the help of the American Heart Association.


This Week’s Teen Flaunt: Laura is Helping Raise Her Younger Brother

Laura Peña calls herself her mom’s understudy. Nope, they’re not in a play together—instead, the title refers to her role as a second mother to her younger brother. In this week’s Teen Flaunt, the 17-year-old writes about what she’s learned from her sibling, who she also refers to as “the biggest blessing in her life so far.” She explains: I had expected to spend my life as an only child, but when life gifts you with a sibling at fourteen, you just have to accept it with open arms. I’d […]


Positive Peer Pressure — All the Cool Kids are Doing It

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, so your #ChoicesChallenge is to Stop the Hate.

So how do we do that? Well, all of those anti-bullying messages — you know, the “No Bully Zone” posters — haven’t really been resonating with kids, because most don’t classify themselves as bullies. In fact, the majority of bullying behaviors are actually coming from normal kids who are just having a tough time.

If we want to encourage positive behavior, it’s not about getting rid of the bullies; it’s about changing the climate of the school.


Malala, Mo’ne Davis, & Jenner Sisters Among TIME’s List of the 25 Most Influential Teens in 2014

On Tuesday, TIME debuted its list of this year’s 25 Most Influential Teens. From activist (and recent Nobel Peace Prize winner) Malala Yousafzai to all-star athlete Mo’ne Davis, it’s an inspiring group of young adults.

Mo’ne, 13, made headlines this year when she pitched a no-hitter in the Little League World Series and landed a cover of Sports Illustrated. But she’s not the only athlete on the list. There’s Lydia Ko, a 17-year-old golfer, who ranks third among all women worldwide.


This Week’s Teen Flaunt: Melina Explores Her Cultural Identity

In a previous blog post, Roxanne reflected on coming to terms with her cultural identity. Despite feeling like she stood out from her Caucasian classmates, she finally found self-acceptance when she realized they really are similar and their differences were only skin-deep. In this week’s Teen Flaunt, there’s also a theme of cultural identity. Melina Stone opens her essay with a confession.


This Week’s Teen Flaunt: Britanie’s Sister Has Down Syndrome

A few weeks ago, we shared Samantha’s story — about a teen whose sister has Amniotic Band Syndrome and how she’s been inspired by her younger sibling. In this week’s Teen Flaunt, there’s a similar theme. Britanie Montero reflects on what it’s like growing up with a sister with Down syndrome. Although she says it’s not the easiest situation, Britanie has no complaints.


Here’s Why Teens Should Surround Themselves With High-Achieving Friends

You know that old saying parents throw around about how you shouldn’t follow the crowd? Something like, “If your friends did XYZ (ridiculous thing), would you?” While following in your friends’ footsteps sounds like a bad idea in that case, it can actually have its upsides. According to a new study, teens who surround themselves with smart, high-achieving teammates are more likely to succeed themselves.

Researchers at Brigham Young University spent four years investigating high school activities and the effects they have on students. They found that being part of a club or team that gets good grades can double a student’s likelihood of going to college.


This Week’s Teen Flaunt: Despite Cultural Barriers, Roxanne Found Self-Acceptance

Starting high school is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, but it’s especially intimidating if you stand out from your peers. Roxanne Bayer knows firsthand. When she began 8th grade, she was super excited, but it didn’t go quite as planned. In her Teen Flaunt essay, the 18-year-old reflects on her journey toward self-acceptance, and she tells us exactly what it was like to feel so different from other students. Since she’s from Windhoek, the largest city in Namibia (South Africa), her darker skin made her feel insecure.


Teens With Mentors Are More Successful in Their Careers, Study Finds

The bond between a mentor and mentee is extremely valuable. While this is something heard over and over again, there’s actually scientific research to back it up. According to North Carolina State University, young people who have mentors are more likely to find work early on that gives them more responsibility and autonomy. Thinking long-term, this puts them on the path to more successful careers.


This Week’s Teen Flaunt: Samantha’s Sister Has Amniotic Band Syndrome

In this week’s Teen Flaunt, “Ten Fingers Are Overrated,” big sister Samantha Sheets reflects on what it’s like growing up with a sibling who’s not like other kids. AvaMarie Paisley Perrault was born three years ago, and before her birth, her family found out she had Amniotic Band Syndrome. Because of ABS, AvaMarie was born without her right arm.

Samantha recalls the family worrying about all the difficulties this would cause: “How is she going to get dressed or ride a bike? Would she be able to do anything by herself?”