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Peer Pressure Influences Teens’ Decision-Making, But Here Are Ways To Avoid It

Most of us are familiar with the concept of “peer pressure” — where teens can be persuaded by their friends to participate in risky activities that they otherwise might avoid. Now a new study from University College London supports this idea that adolescents’ judgment is affected mostly by what their peers think, compared to what adults think.

For the study, participants ranked the riskiness of a variety of situations — from crossing at a red light to walking through a dark alley. Afterwards, they were told how either adults or teens ranked the same situations. Then they re-assessed their own ranking of how dangerous these activities were.


YouTube’s #DearMe Campaign Gives Advice to Teens in an Unexpected Way

In honor of International Women’s Day on Sunday, YouTube launched a campaign called “#DearMe” where the site’s stars created videos dedicated to their younger selves and shared advice they wish they’d been given when they were teens.

Participants in the campaign tackle a number of different issues that your teens may be currently facing such as bullying, mental health, and body confidence.


Teaching Kids to Break Down Gender Stereotypes

Standard 2: Students will analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors.

Over the last year or so, there’s been a large amount of attention in the media on gender stereotypes and how they can be limiting for all of us, especially children.

So what exactly are gender stereotypes?


4 True Stories To Watch With Your Teens

Many teens may automatically label documentaries as “boring.” Let’s face it: They’ve probably been forced to watch old videos of World War I or the life cycle of plants in class. In a warm room with the lights off, it’d be hard not to fall asleep.

But not all documentaries are a total snooze fest. After all, documentaries are intended to show real aspects of everyday life and your teen’s life is anything but boring.

We’ve rounded up four documentaries that teens can relate to.


Teens Can Brighten Someone’s Day in This Simple Way

Know any teens looking to spread the love this Valentine’s Day? Thanks to, there’s a simple way to make a big difference—all they need are arts and crafts supplies! Using paper, markers, and glitter, teens can make valentines for senior citizens through the Love Letters campaign. is teaming up with the AARP Foundation’s Mentor Up to deliver Valentine’s Day cards to home-bound senior citizens.


The Surprising Health Benefits of Hugs, Including Reduced Stress

Did you know there are actually scientific benefits of hugs? According to a new study, hugging can help prevent stress and protect you from getting sick. Research from Carnegie Mellon University found that hugs are a form of social support that can protect stressed people from increased infections.

Science Daily explains, “They found that greater social support and more frequent hugs protected people from the increased susceptibility to infection associated with being stressed and resulted in less severe illness symptoms.” Essentially, showing people you care can work wonders for not only their mental health, but physical health too.


Use Your #TBT to Remember a Loved One Today

Typically on Thursdays, a scroll through Instagram features baby pictures galore. That’s because #TBT (or Throwback Thursday) has become a constant trend in social media. Tying into this theme, Too Damn Young has decided to declare today, Dec. 4, as Remembrance Day. It’s a day for teens and young adults who have lost loved ones to remember those individuals in the best light—with a photo accompanied by a sweet or funny memory in the caption.


Celebrate Chicken Soup For the Soul Day with Stories to Teach Empathy

Each year on November 12th, the nation celebrates Chicken Soup For the Soul Day. This day is not only intended to celebrate the beloved series of true stories from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, but to celebrate “who you are, where you have been, where you are going and who you will be thankful to when you get there.” Since their first title was released in 1993, it’s become almost impossible to not know and love at least one version of the series that explores emotional and inspirational […]


National Survey Analyzes Teen Relationships & Dating Abuse — The Results Are Surprising

In a survey featuring more than 660 participants across the country, teens opened up about topics including relationships and dating abuse. Conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, the 2014 National Survey on Teen Relationships and Intimate Violence found some pretty shocking results.

Surprisingly, nearly 20 percent of teens (ages 12-18) reported themselves as victims of physical and sexual abuse in relationships. When it came to psychological abuse, ranging from name-calling to stalking, more than 60 percent of teens of both genders reported being victims and perpetrators of this behavior.


The Reason Why Schools Have Cliques

If you’ve seen the movie Mean Girls, you may be familiar with cliques in the cafeteria. While the distinct difference between jocks, nerds, or band geeks may seem extreme in that film, there definitely are cliques in high schools, at least to some extent. A new study from the American Sociological Association takes a look at why some schools have more cliques or social hierarchies compared to others.