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This Healthy Eating Trick Isn’t Always Best For Teens

Drink a cold glass of water before each meal. Eat a big, nutritious breakfast. Keep a food journal. Use smaller plates. We’ve all heard the tips and tricks to help you change your eating habits, but do they really work? A new study shows that at least one doesn’t, particularly for overweight teens.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut tested how attentive teen girls were to portion sizes and quizzed them about their perception of the amount of food on different sized plates. There were 162 girls ages 14 to 18 involved in the study. The researchers found that overweight teenage girls were less attentive, on average, to these visual cues of different types than their peers.


Teens Can Boost Their Grades with Breakfast

It can tough to find enough time on weekdays for a nutritious breakfast. Between staying up late studying for exams and chatting online with friends, some teens can hardly wake up on time for class. Sitting down to a healthy breakfast is just one more thing to do in the morning and it can be easy to brush off. A new study shows why your teens shouldn’t skip it—especially if they want a better shot at doing well on that exam.

Researchers at the University of Iowa found that students who ate free school nutritious breakfasts performed better academically. They also found that students who attend schools that participate in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s School Breakfast Program have higher achievement scores in math, science, and reading than those in schools who don’t participate, according to a recent press release from the university. The impact was actually cumulative. The longer the school participated in the program, the higher their achievement scores were.


Why Teens Should Snack on More Nuts

Chances are you’ve heard about the health benefits of certain nuts. For example, almonds boost bone health, improve brain functions, and lower cholesterol. Meanwhile, pecans are rich in antioxidants. It’s not just adults who should be munching on these salty snacks—a new study found that eating nuts while in your teens can lead to important health benefits. Consuming a small amount of nuts every day can decrease cardiovascular risks in adolescents.


Inspiring Kids to Advocate for Healthier School Lunches

Last week, a photo comparison of school lunches from around the world began making the rounds online. Here’s a great slideshow to show your students. When you look at how we’re stacking up in the states compared to other countries, it’s pretty dismal.

But it doesn’t have to be. It might be a long journey, but getting the kids directly involved can lead to a quicker change.


The Scary Ingredient Hiding In Soda

There are plenty of reasons that teens should opt for a glass of water instead of grabbing a can of cola. From the negative impact on their memory to the excessive amount of sugar, it’s not the healthiest choice. Now more research proves the scary side of soft drinks. According to a study at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the caramel color in soda may contain 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) — a possible carcinogen, which in other words poses a potential cancer risk.


Celebrate National Granola Bar Day… The Healthy Way

Happy National Granola Bar Day! These crunchy, chewy, sometimes chocolatey bars are a snacktime staple, and we can’t wait to celebrate. But before you tear open the wrapper and chow down, take a second to check that nutrition label.

If your granola-bar heart just crumbled into a handful trail mix, you are not alone. Granola bars are pitched as a healthy and filling snack (and they can be!) but very often are little more than candy bars in disguise.


Here’s Another Reason to Add Avocados to Your Favorite Foods

In case you need an extra reason to pay extra for that guacamole at Chipotle, we’ve got good news. Avocados have amazing health benefits! According to information published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, eating one avocado a day can help lower cholesterol.

Research was conducted regarding what happened when saturated fatty acids found in a typical American diet were replaced by the unsaturated fatty acids in avocados, according to Science Daily.


Teaching Kids About Food When Everyone’s On a Diet

New Years is an exciting time to be a health teacher. Everyone’s resolved to make a fresh start, gyms are full, people are eager to overhaul their diets, and there is an insane amount of information in the media about how we can make healthy choices. Our students are being surrounded by positive influence, and come back from the break full of questions and information about nutrition.