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Instilling a Life-Long Love of Fitness

When you ask most adults to recall their experience in middle school PE, you get a wide array of responses, but very few of them are pleasant. Climbing the rope, awkward attempts at pull-ups with underdeveloped arms, being last to get picked for teams — the list goes on.

This isn’t the fault of the well-meaning PE teachers we worked with. Most of them were coaches and athletes themselves, and grew up believing that anyone could be an athlete if they just tried hard enough.


Are Parents Doing Enough To Protect Teen Athletes From Overuse Injuries?

Did you know that overuse injuries make up half of all teen sports injuries? That’s a huge amount. Overuse injuries are injuries that occur from a repeated activity over time, such as throwing a baseball And according to a new study, a majority of parents don’t know ways youth baseball pitchers can prevent getting injured. Being familiar with safe pitching practices could be an important step in avoiding these kinds of injuries.


No More Shame — The Social and Emotional Roots of Obesity

Sorry folks, but we’re going about this all wrong.

As teachers, we know that shaming rarely works to motivate behavior change, yet it still seems to be the focus of our fight against obesity.

Full disclosure here: I’m a health teacher, but I was not a healthy teen. I understand the damage of fat-shaming on a personal level, and it’s hard not to get angry about it… even though I now experience it from the other side. I’m constantly caught off guard when I hear people that I respect — people who only know me at my current size — making judgmental comments about other people based solely on their weight.


Mo’ne Davis Throws Like A Girl — And That’s Amazing!

Talk about a huge accomplishment: Mo’Ne Davis threw a shutout on Friday helping her team advance in the Little League World Series and making her the only female in the series’ 67-year history to do so. The 13-year-old is one of the only females in the league, which makes this even more awesome. She’s defying gender stereotypes and shows that girls are just as capable as boys when it comes to athletics.


Why High School Sports Are A Victory For Mental Health

Thanks to the World Cup, soccer is everywhere right now. Watching all of those games may even inspire your teens to try out for the school team — and you should encourage them to do so! Playing high school sports helps teens stay in shape, and now a new study suggests there are major mental health benefits, too. Whether baseball, basketball, or lacrosse, athletic teens (grades 8 through 12) have less stress and better mental health as young adults than those who don’t play sports, according to recent research.


New Research That Will Change the Way You Think About Teens and Health

You can tell teens they need to eat more fruit or that it pays to exercise, but as we all know, that doesn’t mean they’ll take action. So what’s standing in the way? Whenever I talk to teens who are struggling with their weight, they express frustration with the power that stress or sadness or bad body image has over their habits. If they don’t believe they’re strong enough to exercise, or if something’s making them feel lousy that day, no amount of knowledge will be able to trump that […]


Friday Faves!

TGIF! The Choices/TeenBeing team has rounded up our picks for the best of this week’s web. 1. We’re not huge fans of sugary drinks over here, but we think that Coca-Cola’s plans to build these kiosks providing water, electricity, and Internet in 20 countries with need are a great idea. But we hope they stick to water instead of soda! 2. This principal lets us in on the two tools every teacher needs to manage middle school students in the classroom: distraction and relationship. 3. Does your teen work out […]


Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play

Here at Choices and TeenBeing, we love learning about anything that has to do with teens getting outside and getting active. So, when we heard that Nickelodeon’s 10th Annual Worldwide Day of Play was being held this Saturday and in our hometown of New York City, we were beyond excited. The Worldwide Day of Play is about coming together and encouraging kids and teens to lead an active, healthy life. And that doesn’t have to mean training for the Olympics, it means doing what kids have known how to do […]


Attention Coaches: A Cheap and Easy Concussion Test

Let’s say you’re a coach standing on the sidelines of a high school football practice. As your team runs through a live-hitting drill, you see one of your sophomore stars get knocked silly. You sprint to his aid, and as he pushes himself off the ground slowly, he says he’s fine. But how can you tell for sure that this player hasn’t suffered a concussion? It’s tricky. While there have been some promising developments in concussion assessment in recent years, most methods are either too expensive for budget-strapped programs (high-tech […]


Teenage Fitness: We’ve Got The Scoop On Hoops

Who doesn’t want to get behind teenage fitness? But what if your teen is lazy or just not into sports. We’ve got an idea! Introducing the humble hula hoop and join a world of joyful movement! I could tell you that hooping is a low-impact, high-energy workout that improves core strength, tones your stomach, arms, thighs and butt, and burns approximately the same amount of calories as spending an equivalent time on a treadmill, but your exercise-hating kids will not care. (However, here is a basic hula hooping workout for […]