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Uh-Oh! Is Binge-Watching Bad For Mental Health?

It sound may like a teen’s ideal Saturday night: grabbing a laptop and watching reruns of Friends. But is binge-watching TV shows bad for their mental health? A new study suggests yes (unfortunately). Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that the more lonely and depressed a person is, the more likely they are to binge-watch television.


The Kids Have Spoken — It’s Time to Update Sex Ed

It started in December while they were working on an 8th grade media studies project. Thirteen-year-olds Tessa Hill and Lia Valente were researching for a documentary about rape culture in the media. Through their research, they began learning about consent, and then they began wondering why—in a country where 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime—they hadn’t really learned about it before.

Their school in Ontario, Canada had a health class, and they were taught sex ed… but the curriculum hadn’t been updated since 1998, long before technology put a computer screen in everyone’s hands and teenagers spent an average of 7 hours a day consuming media.


This Video Will Help You Through Hard Times… No Matter What

Fact: Bad things happen. And at some point or another, they will happen to you.

Sounds scary, right? But it’s okay, because no matter what happens, you’ll make it through anything with a little skill called “resilience.” Resilience is your ability to bounce back after a trauma, to make it through and come out stronger. And it’s a skill that you not only already have, but one you can work to develop even more.


Teens Can Brighten Someone’s Day in This Simple Way

Know any teens looking to spread the love this Valentine’s Day? Thanks to, there’s a simple way to make a big difference—all they need are arts and crafts supplies! Using paper, markers, and glitter, teens can make valentines for senior citizens through the Love Letters campaign. is teaming up with the AARP Foundation’s Mentor Up to deliver Valentine’s Day cards to home-bound senior citizens.


Are Teens Spending Too Much Time Staring At Screens?

It’s not an uncommon sight—as you walk down the street, you notice most people’s eyes are glued to their phones. Not just teens, but adults are guilty of this too. But how much screen time is too much? Well, if we’re going by expert recommendations, teens are getting way too much screen time! But not so fast—it turns out the official guidelines may be a bit outdated. Experts suggest it’s time to rethink the recommended amounts of screen time for adolescents.


Bring the Great Kindness Challenge to Your School!

Small acts of kindness can make a big difference. That’s the message behind the Great Kindness Challenge, which takes place from Jan. 26-30, 2015. It’s a school week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible. This awesome idea comes from Kids for Peace—a global non-profit—and it’s presented by Dignity Health. We think every teen should participate! And the good news? It’s super easy to sign up and get schools involved.


Teaching Cell Phone Etiquette in School

Two weeks ago in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio overturned a 9-year-old ban on cell phones in schools. For the most part, everyone was happy with the decision—especially students and parents—but there were some teachers who voiced concerns over how it might impact student learning.

Frankly, the headlines caught me by surprise. Not because the ban was being lifted, but because it had survived this long at all. How could an institution designed to train kids for the future prevent them from working with one of the tools they will most definitely, without a doubt, need?


Celebrate National Granola Bar Day… The Healthy Way

Happy National Granola Bar Day! These crunchy, chewy, sometimes chocolatey bars are a snacktime staple, and we can’t wait to celebrate. But before you tear open the wrapper and chow down, take a second to check that nutrition label.

If your granola-bar heart just crumbled into a handful trail mix, you are not alone. Granola bars are pitched as a healthy and filling snack (and they can be!) but very often are little more than candy bars in disguise.


Trouble Sleeping May Lead to Drug & Alcohol Trouble Later On

From lower grades to greater risk of obesity, not getting enough sleep is detrimental to a teen’s health in a variety of ways. In case you need another reason to convince your teens to rest up, look no further than this study! According to new research, adolescents with sleep difficulties may have substance abuse problems later on — specifically engaging in risky behaviors like binge drinking or driving under the influence. “Sleep difficulties” can either mean trouble falling asleep or getting an insufficient amount.


Even the Occasional Cigarette Affects a Teen’s Health

When it comes to teens and cigarettes, there’s good news and bad news. The upside: The amount of teens smoking cigarettes has hit an all-time low. But the downside? Some teens who smoke cigarettes occasionally don’t realize the damage it does to their bodies. According to a new study, teens mistakenly believe that occasional cigarettes are harmless. But Medical Daily reports that the opposite is true—and there’s proof to back it up!