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Brain Fatigue—The Effects of Concrete, Nature, and Bees

  As you may or may not know, Choices magazine (and Scholastic Inc.) is based in New York City. And contrary to what the movies may make you think, most afternoons here are not spent taking carriage rides and romantic strolls in Central Park. Yet scientists say that the human mind can take only so much city living  until you succumb to brain fatigue. Brain fatigue, as in stress-induced forgetfulness, distraction, and mental walkabouts. (Sound familiar?) One way to fight brain fatigue is to stroll through calm leafy parks. In […]


Tackling Teen Parenthood—Meet The Text Baby

Teen parenthood has been glamorized (Teen Mom we’re looking at you) and vilified (New York City’s campaign was a little over the top in our opinion), but now it’s been turned into a text experience brought to you by The idea is simple: Instead of using real-life tykes for a test run, teens simply submit their friends’ numbers to impregnate them with virtual phone-baby. Their friends will then receive texts throughout the day urging them to take care of their cellular infant. (Incentive alert: By playing the phone baby […]